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The Fire-Breathing Dragon (“Poems with Their Stories” (Collection) Book 2)

In this imaginative children’s book, the dragon knows he is a natural born, certifiable, undeniable, rectifiable fire-breathing dragon. He questions why he only blows smelly puffs of gray smoke. “Pashaw,” he declares. He feels his fire will never come. His … Continue reading

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The Rainbow Serpent (Stories of the Dreamtime-Tales of the Aboriginal People)

There are innumerable names and stories associated with the Rainbow Serpent, all of which communicate the significance of this being within Aboriginal traditions. Dreamtime stories tell how the Rainbow Serpent came from beneath the ground and created huge ridges, mountains … Continue reading

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The Dragon Prince: Stories and Legends from Vietnam

Cooperation and awareness of others are just two of the themes explored in these remarkable stories and legends from Vietnam, as retold by renowned Buddhist monk and scholar Thich Nhat Hanh. A fantastical blend of fiction and nonfiction, these tales … Continue reading

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