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Four Symbols Dragon Well Green Tea – Premium Specialty Chinese Loose Leaf Tea

Pure, vegetal flavor and distinctly fresh aroma, the green tea leaves are hand-picked and undergo minimal oxidation to preserve the essence. In fact, the leaves are dried for only a brief amount of time before they are pan-fired to prevent … Continue reading

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The Water Dragon (The Four Dragons Book 1)

A young girl living with her Father meets a water dragon from Lake Michigan. Seerix tells her of the other dragons, especially the fire dragon, Leiru who worked with her father John when he was enlisted in the army. Click … Continue reading

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The Book of Air: Volume Four of the Dragon Quartet

In the fourth novel of this popular tetralogy, Marjorie B. Kellogg brings together the four elemental dragons and their human companions in a desperate quest to free Air from her as-yet-undiscovered prison-and stop Fire before his devastating reign destroys the … Continue reading

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