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Chinese Dragons

Chinese dragons are based on mythology that goes back thousands of years. In European mythology the dragon has a negative connotation, but in the Chinese culture dragons are benevolent creatures that possess power, wisdom, and the ability to bring good … Continue reading

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Asian Dragons

You have certainly heard and read a lot about dragons. A dragon is, basically, a legendary creature with reptilian or serpentine characteristics. It is considered to be a ferocious creature that blows fire from its mouth. The dragon is usually … Continue reading

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Dragons in Modern Literature

Firstly, what is a dragon? Mythology, folktales and religious myths worldwide involved dragons, Chinese to Persian. ‘Dragon’ derives from ‘Drakonta’, ‘To Watch’ – this would perhaps insinuate that their true nature is divine, not evil! Dragons are generally of a … Continue reading

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Embroidered Dragons Go Great on Club Apparel

A dragon is a legendary creature. It is usually depicted as having serpent-like or reptile-like characteristics. Dragons feature in the mythology of many cultures around the globe. The most recognizable kinds of dragon are the European depiction which comes from … Continue reading

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