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Chinese Dragons in Art and History

Chinese dragons are based on mythology that goes back thousands of years. In European mythology the dragon has a negative connotation, but in the Chinese culture dragons are benevolent creatures that possess power, wisdom, and the ability to bring good … Continue reading

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Creating a Fire Breathing Dragon With Photoshop

Author: John M. Lund When I was young I constantly doodled. I doodled a lot of things…but mainly I doodled dragons. Fast forward a number of years…well…a whole lot of years…and my twin brother is showing me pictures of his … Continue reading

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The Wrath of Dragons in Vietnamese Art

Author: Suzanne The influence of symbolism in Vietnamese art has been in vogue since prehistoric times. One of the most supernatural of all creatures, dragons and fairies, symbolized various instances of Vietnamese art. From the Dong Son civilization to the … Continue reading

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Dragon Art

Dragon Art Dragons have taken on many forms in our world and therefore it is only right that they have also become a very common part of art. There are so many different designs featuring dragons that this is where … Continue reading

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