Guest post from: Joe Castro

I am building a shop in the backyard for me to keep all my tools in and work out of. It is going to be pretty big and nice when I am done. It will have enough space for all of my tools and offer me space to do my carpentry jobs. As it is now, I have to go across town to a shop I am renting for $400 a month. It will be so nice to have it right in my own back yard and not have to drive clear across town and back just to get work done. I am going to make it cozy, too. I’ll get a fridge to put in there for cold drinks, and I’m looking at to see about getting a small tv set up in there. I like to have the news or weather channel on in the background while I work. I know my wife is going to be happy having me home more, too. If she ever needs me, she can just call out to the shop.

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