Love it

Posted by Darwin Garza

I love having so many expertsatellite at home because it keeps my kids from fighting. Now that they’re old enough to know when one of them is getting something the others not it’s been a real struggle – every time I turn around someone is crying or yelling at someone else and I just can’t have it over the TV, too. I love my kids but they really make my head spin sometimes because I just don’t get how they’re not able to get along. They’re all so similar at the end of the day and they really do have a lot in common so I just don’t get it – why would they rather fight than be friends? I never had these kinds of fights with my siblings and I was one of 7…that’s right, 7 kids under one roof! I try to be a good mom but sometimes they just push me to the brink and there’s little I can do about it, you know what I mean? They’re really pushing me.

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