Irish fam

Irish fam

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

I just found out a couple of years ago in the process of doing some geneological research that my family originally hails entirely from Ireland. As you would imagine, this makes St. Patrick’s Day a lot more interesting for us, and we started holding big family reunions over that weekend each year.┬áSince the date falls on a Thursday this year, it makes it a lot easier to get everyone together, and I’ve been using my wireless from to try and book everyone flights and hotel rooms in the beach town were convening at. I’m sort of the de facto event planner for my family since I literally work as an event planner for a living, but I don’t really mind the pressure since I’m good at it.┬áSt. Patrick’s Day is such a fun event to get everyone together for and there’s always tons of food and beer to make the festivities as raucous as possible. Who knew my family would get even more rowdy once they found out they were Irish!

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