Brother’s Advice

Guest written by our friend Solomon Thompson

My brother told me not long ago about for satellite. He knew I had just moved into this new house and was really struggling trying to get all my utilities set up and he called to have my cable turned on and it turned out there were satellite offers in my area. I’ve really loved this place so far but I am pretty stressed still having so much of my life in boxes and not a place to lie my head that I can show to anyone. IT’s going to take me weeks I guess to get this place unpacked and really feeling like home but you know, I guess I’m just happy to have a house to call my own! I think I’m really luck in this day and age being able to afford a house at my young age. Thankfully I’ve got a good, stable job and I know that it won’t be long before I find a wife and she’s able to start a family with me!

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