The Dragon Figurine and its Mysterious History

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One of my favorite dragon figurines collectible is the statue of a dragon with the globe. This small statue represents the true power of the dragon figurines and its mythical powers.

I have always thought that dragons were the ultimate symbol of both evil and power. In every fantasy game, the dragon is typically found to be the powerful creature of all. I personally have always loved the image of some dragon figurines claiming control over objects which we do not even have power over such as the world.

The myths of dragons date back before we could even record our thoughts. In the story Beowulf, the dragon represents evil, for obvious reasons, as he tries to over power Beowulf.

In many other instances, the dragon is typically thought of as a dark creature, as it is implied, its whole purpose is for pure destruction. They can be compared to large dinosaurs or giant reptiles, with brute strength only found in species over a billion years in the past.

Currently, there are many collectors of dragons; this is because the Chinese believe that dragon figurines carry a certain amount of ‘chi’ or positive energy. This shows that many are still more than intrigued in the pure strength and amazing powers these mythical creatures held, and possibly still hold to this day.

With the advancement of technology, the shapes, lines, curves, and colors of dragon figurines are more clear than ever. Making the replica strike a collector as a piece of art and it does not stop there.

The power of dragons will seem to always remain for thousands of more years. Currently, there is no such mythical creature while often depicted as evil, is equally liked.

Since I have been a child, I have always loved the mysterious power of dragons. For a few years now, I have been collecting Dragon Figurines.
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