Why Dragon Boat Festival?

The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, do you know why it is called Dragon Boat Festival? Let me explain the reason to you, and introduce what people do for the day.

Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated in the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar, so it is also called Double Fifth Festival. It is one of China’s important traditional festivals, the other two being Mid-Autumn Day and Chinese Lunar New Year.

This traditional summer festival has a long history. It said that there is a scholarly government official called Chu Yuan, a scholar and minister to the king from the southern Chu during the warring status period.

Descended from nobility and a champion for political loyalty. He advocated a policy of alliance with another kingdoms, which caused other jealous ministers to slander him, and at last, under some influence of corruption, the Chu king banished him from Chu Country.

Unable to regain his reputation, in deep sorrow, he throw himself to the Mi Low river in his hometown. because of their admiration to Chu Yuan, the local people living adjacent the Mi Low river rushed into their boats to search for this great man, and threw rice to appease the dragon in the Mi Low river.

Although they were unable to find Chu Yuan, their great efforts are remembered today during Dragon Boat Festival.

There are many interesting customs for this day, many Chinese eat rice dumplings, a very popular dish on the day, many others hold Dragon Boat race, which was inspired by the local people’s efforts to rescue Chu Yuan in the Mi Low river.

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