Two Asian Headed Dragon Thai Yao Hill Tribe Fine Silver Cuff Bracelet

The exotic two headed Asian dragon is featured on this beautiful cuff from Thailand. The dragon in Asian cultures symbolizes wisdom, longevity and protection. Handcrafted with Thai Yao hill tribe .925 sterling silver, this cuff offers a high quality and detailed finish. PLEASE NOTE: The handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design, sizing and weight. Variations will occur from piece to piece, measurements may vary slightly.

AERAVIDA works directly with gifted and talented Artisans from all over the world. At the core of our philosophy is fair trade and fostering a sustainable future for our Artisans.

ARTISAN STORY: The Yao originally come from Southern China. From the late 1800s to the early 19th century, the Yao migrated into Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. The Yao are the only hill tribe to have a written language. In Thailand Yao settlements can be found in the Northern provinces where the climate is cooler because of the mountainous terrain and forest areas. The silversmiths of the Yao hill tribe are renowned for their impressive skill. The intricate silver designs began as unique facets to the clothing of each member of the Yao family. Recently, many Yao silversmiths have begun to design more mainstream jewelry which appeal to a larger mass. This allows them to support the tribe while maintaining the legacy and rich cultural heritage from the past.

Product Features

  • Material: Thai Yao 92.5-99.0 % Fine Silver | Trademark: Stamped 925
  • Design Measurements: 6 mm (0.23 in) wide x 20 mm (0.78 in) long | Bracelet Thick: 5 mm (0.19 in) | Bracelet Length: 7 in long | Weight: 23 grams
  • Chain Type: Cuff | Clasp Type: Open-Ended, Adjustable
  • Finish: Oxidized, Shiny | Style: Handmade, Animal, Dragon
  • Includes an official ‘AERAVIDA Fair Trade Sourcing’ Card with certified Seal of Authenticity.

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About Dragon Mystic

I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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