The Dragons of Ice and Snow (Tales from the New Earth Book 3)

Simon O’Toole, once a middle-aged IT specialist, now a young wizard, is at war. Four years have passed since the Earth was laid waste by the return of the dark gods and the dragons that serve them. After world-wide devastation, only a handful of humans, Changed by magic, are clinging to existence. And the dragons are still hunting them.

All humans are now imbued with magic, but the only wizard who can command the elements and strike back at the monsters is Simon. Using his new powers, he discovers a small group of Changlings living in Moscow, led by a paladin named Liliana. Hoping for an ally in his war against the darkness, the wizard teleports to the ruined city to meet this holy warrior, only to come under attack…by a white dragon.

Was it a setup? Or have more humans fallen beneath the fangs and claws of this scourge? On the run across a frozen landscape and fighting for his life, Simon intends to find out. If he survives.

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About Dragon Mystic

I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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  1. Ryan Mangrum says:

    An uninspired concept with flat characters. 0

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