Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Pack – Dragons Peak

Dragon’s Peak Adventure Pack includes Drangon Keep, Sunburst and 2 special items

Product Features

  • Skylanders adventure pack dragon’s peak sunburn

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About Dragon Mystic

I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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2 Responses to Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Pack – Dragons Peak

  1. Maek says:

    Another great addition! Dragon’s Peak introduces a new adventure where an evil dragon has usurped rule in this new area of Skylands; the former, venerable dragon wants your help in restoring order and peace. You traverse through the level with the help of a simple-minded red dragon between platforms – you actually fly him around to avoid huge boulder obstacles and shoot fireballs to destroy sky mines that try to impede your progress. The platform levels themselves are just like the rest of Skylanders, although a little more challenging with rotating platforms and stationary dragon statues that intermittently burn extremely damaging flames in your wake.The new fire element character, Sunburn, is fun to play and shoots flames as his primary ability. His secondary ability allows him to teleport which, once upgraded, can occur in 4 directions.And to second the other reviewer’s comments, please stop supporting these scalpers. Activision IS actually catching up and stores are becoming better stocked every day. I got mine at Toys ‘R’ Us for $24.99…don’t pay a penny more. A lot of these opportunists are digging their own graves as other characters have become so plentiful that some “used” prices are beginning to drop below retail price. Keep it up and wait patiently…Activision is not going to miss an opportunity to make money, so don’t waste it on others.

  2. Armando N. Roman says:

    Possibly the best of the Adventure Packs. Fans of Spyro the Dragon, rejoice- Sparx has returned! One thing I always joke about with Skylanders is that it’s called “Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure”, yet his name isn’t spoken even once, and he isn’t even in the center on the game’s box art. The poor little guy gets his first major game in years, and you can hardly tell he’s in it! While Dragons Peak might not remedy that, there are definitely some tips of the hat to old school Spyro fans with this pack. Dragon Peak brings back Spyro’s great dragonfly, Sparx, and has a whole level where the focus is dragons. Complete with dragons turned to stone, anyone who has fond memories of playing through the first Spyro game will get a little nostalgic with this stage. Also included are the Winged Boots and one of the most visually striking Skylanders: Sunburn. It’s about time we get a fire type that isn’t human-ish or bulky.When placed on the Portal, Dragons Peak becomes accessible to the player on the left side of the Ruins in plain sight. You won’t have to go hunting around for this level like the Empire of Ice one. An evil dragon has taken over the dragon kingdom after the original king left his throne for a bit. Its up to you to face the dragon and set things right. For the most part, this stage is standard Skylanders fare and can be completed in under 15 minutes. There aren’t any puzzles or challenging parts aside from new enemies that blow themselves up and deal huge damage to you if you’re within their range. It’s a straightforward level and finding everything (hats, treasure, Soul Gem) isn’t very hard. You even get to leave the ground for a while with several flying areas. Unfortunately, it’s not as cool as it sounds- you’re stuck avoiding rocks and collecting gems while on the back of one of the dragons. Control is a little weird: move the left analog stick to move, but you’ll always reset back to the center of the screen when you let go of the stick. It’s a bummer that these parts are VERY short too. I would’ve loved for them to have made these more like the old flying stages in Spyro the Dragon just to take you back a little more. And just a little heads up- the boss fight is very, very underwhelming. That and the short flying stages are the reason I’m giving this Adventure Pack a lower score than the others.But everything else here is great. Sparx is a handy little ‘item’ that attacks enemies (until his time runs out, like all items). It’s nice to have something can interrupt enemy attacks in case you’re trying to get away and regroup. The Winged Boots make your Skylander so fast that it becomes funny. Placing this item on the Portal speeds you up big time, giving you a chance to deal tons of damage while enemies are helpless, or make a fast escape. The timer on this item runs out faster than any other I’ve seen, so use it wisely. As for Sunburn, he’s a cool dragon/phoenix creature that has some nice tools. His primary attack is flame breath, secondary is a kind of teleport and his third is a dash move very similar to Cynder’s. The flame breath attack pushes enemies back a little bit, and his teleport is unique. When used, Sunburn deploys 4 flames around him (up, down, left and right). Move the left analog stick in any direction, and he’ll go there instantly, arriving in a burst of flames that damage enemies. When fully upgraded, Sunburn becomes very powerful, though the recovery time on some his moves may leave him a little helpless in Battle Mode against the stronger Skylanders.Now that the figures and Adventure Packs are becoming easier to find, there shouldn’t be any worry about paying too much for these. The standard price for this one is a great deal, even if the level could’ve used a little more work on the flight portions. My daughter and I had fun playing through it (she thinks the evil dragon is really cool looking), and Sunburn has become her favorite Skylander, tied with Whirlwind.

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