Raising Your Virtual Dragon Pets

One unique variation of the virtual pet craze is virtual dragon pets.  A certain intrigue lies around adopting a virtual dragon because in the real world you could never be able to own such a fantastical creature.  It makes for a really enjoyable and fun online game experience.

One of my personal favorite type of these games is the type of adoptable version where you find dragon eggs.  Usually there are many types of dragon eggs to collect, some rare and some more common.  I really enjoy growing the dragon and hatching the collected eggs.  The element of mystery and not knowing what you are getting really makes it an enjoyable game to play.

Virtual dragon pets are not only for children or young adults but are actively played by adults as well. Many of the popular virtual dragon pet websites have an active community where the age range is quite varied.   You can easily find many different sites that let you get your own pet.  Just fill out a quick registration form and you will be soon ready to adopt a fun magical dragon creature.  If your child is looking to sign up for a website it would be good for the parents to review the website and see if it suitable for their age range.  If there are downloads involved in the website you might even be able to download your pet to your desktop!


One of the criteria I set for grading a website for adoptable dragons is the amount of options and features they allow.  A good adoptables site will allow a wide range of pets with both rare and common variations.  You should also be allowed to name your pet and read a description.  One of the better ideas I have seen is breeding your pets to create more and possibly unique pets.  These type of options really make the game more enjoyable and keep you coming back for more.

Also an active community is a good sign of a quality website as that means there is a lot of depth to the game play and many people are hooked on the experience.  Forums, wikis, and fan sites are all good signs of a quality game and also help you with playing the game should you get stuck.  I highly recommend using this criteria to grade any adoptable sites as you do want to end up wasting your time on a website no one uses.

Virtual dragon pets are a fun and unique twist on the adoptable computer generated pet scene.  There are a lot of options to choose from as this is a growing area of the Internet. So since registration is quick, free and easy why not play one today?
Jack enjoys virtual dragon pet and playing virtual dragon games
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