Men’s Thai Silk Boxer Shorts- Deepest Blue with Oriental Dragon

These are the very popular Men’s 100% Thai Silk Boxer’s available only at fine stores and at prices starting from about $50 a pair. These are handmade from Thailand. NOT FACTORY MADE REPLICAS!!! People come from all over the world to shop on the streets of Bangkok and find genuine articles like this. Unique, stylish and ornate artwork (on design styles) and 100% silk material. These shorts are a great gift for any man, but women will also enjoy wearing them as lingerie. The feel of 100% Thai Silk cannot be equaled. Dozens of colors in many different styles and patterns to choose from. Please see ALL of our listings. (Click on our name and search our storefront for Boxer Shorts) These items will ship to you DIRECT from Thailand. Expect 1-2 weeks for expedited delivery. 2-3 weeks for standard delivery. Please make sure you order the size specific listing to insure you get the correct size. Confirmation e-mails will be sent, but in order to guarantee you get your correct size, please be sure to read the entire description and order your correct size. (Please feel free to use this listing to order in quantity and select many different colors, designs and sizes. Simply notify us by e-mail so that we can confirm all of your particular details before shipping…) These items ARE AVAILABLE for International Shipping AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!!! Contact seller for additional details, discount details and other special arrangements. Please see our entire inventory of hard-to-find and authentic merchandise from Thailand.

Product Features

  • These are the most popular Men’s 100% Thai Silk Boxers in the world!!! People travel to Thailand just to shop for these luxury items.
  • These are the same Silk Boxers sold in specialty stores for 3-4 times the price. Only found in the street markets of Bangkok.
  • Dozens of various styles, colors and designs are available. Please make sure you order the correct size. (M=26-28, L=30-32, XL=34-36, XXL=38-40)
  • Check our other listings for many more pictures, examples, sizes and designs to choose from. Contact us for special size requirements.
  • Quantity discounts are available for purchases of 3, 7, 12 or more. Please contact seller for additional information and discount details.

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About Dragon Mystic

I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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