Logitech USB Desktop Microphone (Black/Silver)

Move up to true digital quality audio-without drivers to install or download. Includes noise-cancellation technology for better voice recognition and superior speech recording.

Product Features

  • Advanced digital USB
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Power switch
  • Adjustable microphone

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3 Responses to Logitech USB Desktop Microphone (Black/Silver)

  1. Melanie Gilbert says:

    “Volumes” of praise Thanks to the reviews posted here, I bought this microphone. It’s awesome and I highly recommend it to other Amazon electronics consumers – especially at this price.In addition to the sleek look-and-feel, feather-light design, on-off illuminated button (so you can keep it plugged in but not active or use as mute button while recording – see Customer Images), its best feature is the 8-foot long cord which allows amazing flexibility and range despite being anchored via the USB port to your computer. For me, that one simple design component speaks “volumes” about the overall design quality of this product.This microphone is recommended for voice – not music – recording. But I found the music playback perfectly acceptable, especially as a background track.The installation is as easy as plugging it into your USB port. Software is freely available via download.com and then by searching for EXPStudio Audio Editor Free 3.93, which features multiple track capabilities (background music with voice-over). Using your computer, the software and this microphone, you definitely can create your own in-house recording studio.

  2. Edward F. Shimkus says:

    Excellent microphone; questionable negative Amazon reviews Before purchasing a product, especially electronics, I read Amazon and technical reviews, review the manufacturer’s documentation, and determine if the product will satisfy my needs.A cursory glance at Amazon reviews of the Logitech USB microphone immediately discloses that 21% are less than favorable (1-3 star rating) – a significant number – which, prudence dictates, should be considered. The following accomplishes that end and is presented in no particular order and assumes a properly functioning microphone, i.e., it is not defective. I run Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64 in a custom machine.1. Driver conflicts or faulty drivers. The Logitech USB microphone DOES NOT install any drivers, i.e., it relies on existing, native OS USB drivers. As a consequence, any lack of functionality, related to drivers, issues from one’s configuration, which includes installed software.2. Does not work with one’s OS. As in number 1, above, this is always an issue which has its source within one’s configuration, installed software, or conflicts therewith. By design, the Logitech USB microphone is simply a USB PNP device that handshakes with and operates via one’s OS. On its site, Logitech lists the OSs and versions with which the microphone is compatible.3. Have to have the microphone very close to one’s mouth. This is always a function of one’s sound configuration, either that found within Windows and integrated audio or related to one’s sound card. This is especially true with Windows 7 whose default sound setup does not produce the best results with the USB microphone. There are ample discussions and suggested configurations of USB/sound setup on the Net related to various Windows and Linux versions pertaining to noise cancelling USB microphones.4. Insufficient or no noise cancelling. This could be related to any number of configuration settings. In my system, if I record while music is playing through my speakers, the music is barely audible while my voice is loud and clear. Such being the case, one can imagine that I do not pick up case-fan noise or nearby TV, radio, or voice conversations.5. Poor sound quality; not good for lectures, singing, music, or game playing. I, again, have to suggest that this is a function of one’s sound configuration. I had to make numerous changes in my default sound setup to achieve what I consider excellent results. To satisfy my curiosity, I conducted a “lecture,” in a normal tone of voice, at 20, 15, 10, and 5 feet and, in each case, my lecture was loud and clear. Similarly, I sang a few bars of my favorite tune and I must report that the microphone recorded my dreadful voice faithfully. When playing games, when I am silent, the game sounds/music are loud and clear; when I speak the game sounds are muted (cancelled) and my voice is loud and clear.6. Poor construction; breaks. My microphone sits on my desk in back of my keyboard. I imagine that, unless I abuse it, it cannot break. Therefore, I guess the question is how much abuse can this microphone take? Since I have no plans to abuse it, I cannot answer the question.7. Has to be close to the mouth to record. As noted in number 5, above, I am able to record at a distance of 20 feet (presumably greater if I spoke more loudly). As it normally sits on my desk, it is approximately 18 inches from my face and my voice recordings come across 5-by-5.The following is a summation of other reported negatives.Records only in 60 second snippets (not microphone related); records when off (impossible – it’s off); does not compare with professional microphone (really!); does not work with ABC software (software issue); too much of a pain to set up in Windows (OMG!!); no installation instructions (plug it in USB slot then configure sound setup according to OS/audio card); Windows and this microphone, like MS Word insisting on caps for the first word in a line are an annoyance (choose one: laugh or cry); while on, if one fiddles with the mute button or otherwise uses the microphone as a drum set, it records the sounds produced there from – a design defect (do I really want to comment . . . naw).I believe that I have shown that the overwhelming majority of the negatives have nothing to do with the Logitech USB microphone under consideration; a scant few might be related to a defective product out of the box. Therefore, even though they constitute 21% of the reviews, worthy of consideration because of their number, I suggest they need not be considered further. I find that the Logitech USB microphone is well made, will survive any non-abusive handling and, when used in a properly configured system, will more than adequately serve all but the most demanding “professional” needs.Ed

  3. liebesy says:

    Oh my… this thing works beautifully! First, I had some doubts about reviews below for the performance of this mic.I got this thing today, and my… let me apologize to reviewers below. This thing works beautifully!I put this mic about a feet away from my mouth(bit more than a feet… right next to where I use mouse with my right hand), and spoked a few words in normal voice level(maybe a bit lower) while my air conditioner was making some noise. When I played the recording back, the voice was captured loud and clean. This mic is outstanding with reasonable price tag!

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