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The back waters of Kochi in Kerala is alive as the venue of India’s first International Dragon Boat Race in January. With her 44 rivers and innumerable network of waterways, Kerala is famous for her boat races and Carnivals and it is a matter of great pride that the beautiful port city of Kochi had host this international events.

The International Dragon Boat Race organized by the Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association. About 300-350 dragon boat racers from Asian and European countries are participated in the event.

Dragon boat race is originated in China more than 2000 years ago and has its roots in Chinese mythology, which tells the tale of Chu Yuan, an honest servant of the erstwhile Chinese emperor.

Chu Yuan, distraught at the corruption that prevailed in the land, threw himself into a river in protest and is believed to have been devoured by the dragons of the water. Dragon boat race is held in China to honour the memory of Chu Yuan.

In 1976, the Hong Kong Tourism Bureau gave dragon  boat racing its place in the modern era when it organized the first international event of the sport. Since then, and especially with the formation of the International Dragon Boat Federation” the world governing body for the dragon boat sport” and its Continental Federations for Asia and Europe in the early 1990s, dragon boating as a sport with regularized rules and equipment has grown in popularity in Asia and Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. Today, dragon boat racing is amongst the fastest growing team water sports in the world.

Kochi has successfully hosted several international events like the Second International Conference on Responsible Tourism, Kerala travel Mart, international flower  shows and seafood fests. As a strategic location and commercial hub, Kochi has excellent connectivity network with to the rest of the country and the world by air, rail, road and sea and every facility needed to play the prefect host for the International Dragon Boat Race.

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