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Are you looking for images of dragons to get an idea of what they look like or for decoration? Are you looking for a specific style of dragon from a certain culture or related to a specific story? Perhaps it is one of the dragons depicted in Harry Potter or maybe you are looking for an image of Eragon’s dragon Saphira. There are a lot of different depictions of dragons available by many different artists today but have you ever thought much about the history of dragons or where these first images of dragons came from? Were they creations of someone’s imagination only or were the first images or pictures of dragons created based on real creatures that had been seen?

While there are many modern interpretations that are created completely from the mind of the artist the concept came from something they have heard about, known about or even studied in the past. The idea came from somewhere and for those of us today who draw such animals the idea comes from the stories and movies we have heard and seen. These stories have been retold sometimes for centuries but where did they begin and why? Are the original images of drawings from history images based on a real creature that was witnessed by the artist?

There have been many amazing discoveries in the animal world and many of them do in many ways resemble these majestic creatures. There are creatures alive today on this earth that possess many of the characteristics that are attributed to dragons. We have the oarfish that has an uncanny resemblance to many images of Chinese dragons. The Chinese also referred to dragons as docile and peaceful creatures. The oarfish is hardly a ferocious creature and may very well have been one of the animals referenced by ancient peoples as a dragon.

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