How to choose a dragon figurine as a gift

     Giving a gift that will bring joy can be tough.  If you have a friend or loved one that collects something then your task of giving that person a gift is made easier- give them something to add to their collection. However, if the person you are buying for is collecting dragon figurines it may not be that simple.  Dragons come in all shapes and sizes and many times dragon collectors are particular as to what sort of dragon statue they prefer. 

     Over the course of the years selling dragon figurines with our business Gifts and Blessings, I have come to see some general trends as to what sort of dragons certain people tend to prefer.  If you only know that your loved one has a preference for dragons but don’t know what type, here are some general guidelines on what sort of dragon will make them beam when they open your gift:

1.  Fantasy fiction lovers and women in general- Brightly colored dragon figurines.  With classics like Anne McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern series, and the newer Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini (featuring Eragon and the blue dragon Saphira), fantasy fiction lovers will usually want a bright dragon that reminds them of some of their favorite characters.  As for women in general, it is a bit of a broad statement but in general if it is beautiful, bright and catches the eye, women will enjoy the gift.  Colored dragon figurines, especially metallic finish dragon figurines, fit the bill nicely.    

2. Science fiction lovers- Light up LED dragons.  Whether it is a glowing globe or lights showing up into a glass star, light up LED dragons bring a bit of the future to a classic fantasy creature.  We have sold dragons at several sci-fi conventions and the light-ups are the definitely the in demand item.

3. Men in general- Dragon Letter Openers.  For men dragons are cool.  Swords are cool.  Put the two together and you have guy heaven.

4. Dungeons and Dragons players and Lord of the Rings fans- Pewter dragons.  These two groups seem to be more purists.  Your best bet is to get licensed D&D or LotR figurines.  However, if your budget can’t stomach the licensing fees you can save 50-75% by going with a quality detailed pewter dragon figurine.  The pewter gives it a more medieval feel that this group really appreciates.

     For dragon lovers, getting a dragon figurine as a gift can be one of the best things they can receive.  Though there are many dragon figurines to pick from, if you follow these guidelines you will be able to select a thoughtful gift that will brighten their day. 

Angela Marshall started Gifts and Blessings in 2005 with the mission of helping others by providing discounted gifts and sharing the profits with charity. Selling in venues as varying as Star Trek conventions to county fairs to online at, Gifts and Blessings has been able to grow and fulfill that mission, selling thousands of dragon figurines, Douglas plush, spun glass figurines and more, and donating to over 20 different charities.
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