Febreze Candle Thai Dragon Fruit Air Freshener (5.5 Oz) (Pack of 6)

With Febreze Candles, you can light the way to long-lasting freshness in any room of your home. The flame releases a welcoming glow and pleasing scent as it burns, actually eliminating tough odors such as food, pet, and smoke smells. A perfect addition to bedrooms, countertops, tables, mantels, and more. Febreze Candles complement any decor and infuse your home with warm, soothing freshness.

Product Features

  • Febreze Candles release warm, soothing freshness that lasts for hours and hours
  • Eliminate tough odors as they burn, leaving a delightful scent
  • Complement any decor while eliminating pet, bathroom, cooking odors, and more
  • Perfect for countertops, tables, mantels, or wherever you enjoy a fresh-scented glow
  • Eliminates tough odors so they’re gone for good
  • Available in a variety of fresh scents and sizes
  • Eliminates Odors and Freshens
  • Lasts up to 40 hours
  • Pack of Six, 5.5-ounce (Total of 33-Ounces)
  • The Febreze Freshness you love in an odor-eliminating candle

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About Dragon Mystic

I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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2 Responses to Febreze Candle Thai Dragon Fruit Air Freshener (5.5 Oz) (Pack of 6)

  1. Lalita Tawjareon says:

    Nice Unique Candle The Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit candle and air effects spray are the best-smelling products Febreze has made. I’ve tried many Febreze products over the years since my college days, and this Thai Dragon Fruit scent is the best fragrance from Febreze. The candles make great gifts. My friends, family, and co-workers are pleased with these candles. Not only does your home smell nice, but they make great emergency light when the power goes off. The Thai Dragon Fruit air effects spray also eliminates any odor in your house. I use this spray a lot. Anyways, it’s very unique and rare to find a brand that makes something inspired by the wonderful and beautiful country of Thailand. It’s also getting more rare to find these Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit products in person in stores. So, it’s cool that Amazon is offering the Thai Dragon Fruit line on their website. Take advantage of this, because your home or workplace will smell nice, and anything from the Febreze Thai Dragon Fruit line make great gifts.

  2. Katherine Lunn "monique" says:

    love this scent!! I bought this and have been lit for most of the day for the past two days. My house smells sooo good with and it last it doesnt just have a beautiful scent before u light it but it actually puts out the smell perfectly!

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