Feathered Serpent: The Complete Series

“A cracking Mexico-based romp through curses, secrets, and angry gods” –Daily Record (U.K.)

Patrick Troughton (Doctor Who, The Omen) is a scheming, fanatical Aztec priest in this classic British cult TV favorite. As high priest Nasca, a servant of the bloodthirsty god Teshcata, he’s determined to topple the peace-loving emperor Kukulkhan and prevent a marriage that will unite two kingdoms under the benevolent god Quala, the “”Feathered Serpent.”" Tozo, a brave servant boy, plays a key role as the adventure unfolds and Nasca’s plots become more nefarious and deadly.

The Feathered Serpent boasts lavish costumes, elaborate sets, literate scripts, and timeless themes: loyalty, courage, heroism, and the battle between good and evil. Featuring strong performances by Troughton, Diane Keen (The Ruth Rendell Mysteries), Brian Deacon (Bleak House), and Tony Steedman (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure), it’s a lively journey through a long-dead civilization.

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I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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  1. Harold Wolf "Doc" says:

    Historical fiction loosely based on culture periods through to Aztecs A re-release (70s vintage) British TV series originally targeted to youth. The plot revolves around the forced political marriage between prince & empress of 2 tribes, but the bulk of the story is suspense, intrigue, and deception through politics, religious followings, and personal greed. Good rivals evil. Priests of the good god Ouala and the bad god Teshcata each have their political followers and enemies. Who will survive? The struggle lasts through 12 episodes, each about 25 minutes.This 2-DVD complete series set seems reminiscent of Disney TV archival re-releases from the same and earlier time periods. They must be reviewed as that, not a comparison with today’s high-tech film events like Avatar. 1970s alter-human character shows like Battlestar Galatica, Wonder Woman, & The Incredible Hulk for instance followed the sixties Mission Impossible, Star Trek, and Lost in Space. The Feathered Serpent TV show went backward, historically, not forward into time. Now it is revived after 3 ½ decades. Elaborate costumes seem to have been heavily influenced by Anasazi Kachinas. That also happened in Star Wars. Other influences from Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Aztec, and Native American cultures.All episodes have SUBTITLES available. Series 1 originally aired in 1976, series 2 in 1978.1-1 Emperor Kukulkhan wants peace the The Feathered Serpent god Ouala. High Priest Nasca wants human sacrifice and its god Teshcata. A servant lad, Tozo, brings a token to Empress Chimalma, forced fiancée to Prince Huemac.1-2 The secret passages become known to blind priest Otolmi and Tozo, whom he saved. Heumac is well received causing Mahaoutec jealousy.1-3 Kukulkhan must spend a night in the Teshcata temple. Toxo explores the secret passages. Gen. Mahoutec challenges Heumac to a duel. Nasca manipulates much evil.1-4 The empress intends to honor Kukulhan’s wish & marry Heumac. He finds a map piece. Nasca continues his evil schemes even at a heart-letting funeral.1-5 A poisoned Empress, an imprisoned Heumac, & an attack upon the Tula army. Tozo to the rescue with mad accusations spewed by Nasca.1-6 A rescue from the chamber of Screams. Will the Pyramid of the Sun see a human sacrifice? Nasca seems to produce a sign from his god Teshcata.2-1 God Quala reinstated and evil is vanquished? Heumac must prove worthy to marry the Empress via the Stone Cage.2-2 Keelag has performed a miracle and a plague of misery is planned for the city. Inside the Stone Cage a life or death struggle continues.2-3 Keelag teaches her resurrected student some mind control. The royal wedding nears but where are the required crowns of Chichen Itza? Again, will Tozo save the day?2-4 the royal couple is hypnotized and the city wells are poisoned with madness. Tozo is tortured in his search for the sacred mirror.2-5 Tozo needs rescued from Xipec. It is Heumac that makes the attempt, while Chimalma is further deceived by Nasca.2-6 The final confrontation between good and evil. To one god goes the spoils.This is fictional drama but based loosely on the Nazca people of Peru. The Mayan god, Kukulcan, was real, and The Feathered Serpent a religious cult. Some connection can also be found in characters with the Mesoamerican cultures of the Toltecs (Central Mexico) and Aztecs. The later defeated the former yet considered them predecessors and claimed the Toltec gods and spiritual rites. One god was Quetzalcoatl (Quala?) or The Feathered Serpent. Tezcatlipoca used black magic to drive Quetzalcoatl to the ocean & human sacrifice began. Cortes arrived in 1519, mistook as a god, and was helped by Aztec Emperor Montezuma II to conquer Central American lands.More historical background for this series is on disc 2. Look at that prior to viewing the 12 episode complete series. It adds credibility to the story fictional portrayal.

  2. Kevin J. Dwyer says:

    An interesting look at the AZTEC courts This DVD is suitable for senior school children – The acting takes place in a reasonably limited area, and the acting looks as if it was set for a stage.The story gives a ‘palace’ view of a usurper taking over a tribe, showing the differences in the ‘gifts’ offered to the Gods (i.e Flowers vs Human Sacrifices) with of course the schemes usede to entice the locals.It is more a story on the application of politics and dirty tricks than the history of the aztecs.It has suffered the ravages of time and research

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