Embroidered Dragons Go Great on Club Apparel

A dragon is a legendary creature. It is usually depicted as having serpent-like or reptile-like characteristics. Dragons feature in the mythology of many cultures around the globe. The most recognizable kinds of dragon are the European depiction which comes from traditional folk legend, and the dragons of the Far East; for example, the dragon of China. An embroidered dragon will usually adhere to one of these two types of dragon mythology.

There are several reasons why you might choose to wear an embroidered dragon on a garment, or carry it about on a particular item. As with many beings which come out of cultural mythology, the perception of the dragon differs between cultures. Many global faiths and cultures believe that the dragon is highly significant spiritually. For example, in Oriental culture the dragon was, and sometimes still is, honored as signifying the elemental power of nature and the natural world around us. They are connected to wells, rainfall, storms, seas and rivers. Dragons have a strong association to the quality of wisdom: they are usually believed to have greater wisdom than man. They are also associated with long life. It is frequently held that dragons have magical or supernatural powers.

The significance of a dragon is often dependent on the form and the way in which it is depicted. Different colors of dragon have different symbolic meanings. Red dragons are held to be protectors of science. White dragons are associated with the moon and stars. In Oriental dragon mythology, black dragons are associated with the north. Blue dragons symbolize the arrival of springtime. The embroidered dragon that you choose for your personal garment or item will depend on the symbolism that you want it to have. Any dragon that you wear is believed to bring good luck: a good reason to use this design to customize an item that is important or significant for you, or that you wish to give to someone important in your life.

Dragons have been used to decorate and embellish clothing and items for centuries because of their symbolic significance and their magnificent appearance. An embroidered dragon can be a beautiful ornamental addition to almost any item. They can be stitched onto jackets, jerseys, dresses, skirts, formal shirts, or polo shirts. They can be a large and bold design, or a small and intricate one, depending on the item that is being embroidered. You can capture a little bit of Oriental magic by having a dragon embroidered onto something that is special to you.

Embroidered dragons are particularly frequently found on luxurious garments, such as those made of silk. Because they are considered to be the luckiest creature in Chinese mythology, they are very often found on more formal garments from that culture, such as kimonos. These are usually made of thick and heavy silk in a variety of colors and are embroidered with intricate designs. Dragons are usually embroidered onto red or black silk for a more dramatic effect and because they are often associated with these colors.

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