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Today, children often want play games to covet to be super heroes fighting evil or thanks to the science fiction movies, aliens or mutated animals instead of a ball or with building blocks. One of interesting games is the dragon and monster games which is considered as the latest craze in video games. It has become a favorite game for kids with many reasons.


There are a number of dragon and monster games available online and that too with no strings attached. This absolutely free game is fun and satisfies the adventurous spirit in the kids especially that of the male children. These games are more of a fantasy for the children. They tend to get into the character of the dragons and other creatures the game propagates, thus believing themselves to be superheroes with super powers. This is kind of an ego boost to the children.


The complexity of the games varies. There are simple games like Fire Spawn where the main player goes by the name of Galanoth, whose family was murdered by cruel dragons and Galanoth takes to avenging his family’s deaths by killing those responsible for the deaths. Then there is Cyber Ortek (half dragon and half robot) where the objective of the game is to create chaos and destruction in the planets of one’s choice. Nimian Flyer is another game with incredible graphics, a three dimensional effect that make the fighting even more real to the player. Other games like Dragon Hunt, Flames of fury, Dragon Quest, Kill the Dragon etc is also very much popular. In short there is no dragon game that has not gone noticed.


Among monster games Planet Noveo is one of the more popular games. In this game the player finds himself in an unknown planet where he has to fight various alien creatures like huge spiders and the like for his survival. The animation work of this game was greatly appreciated. In Monster Mayhem, the player has the option to choose his opponent- the computer or another player. Other monster games are Sinjid- Battle arena, Hulk Central smashdown, Monster Joust Madness, Zombie land etc.


These games reduce the fear factor in the kids. And also prepares them for any trouble that might happen in real life. Most of these games have multiple difficulty settings which encourages a child to tackle greater and harder obstacles each time. As these games can be played with ones friends as opponents, it helps in building up a healthy competitive spirit among one’s peers.


However these games are highly addictive. The children sit glued to the computers playing the game getting interested more and more, neglecting their duties. Too much gazing onto the computer screen without interruption may cause strain to the child’s eye. First and foremost parental supervision is required as to the nature of the game and the time allowed to play. Some of these dragon and monster games may rank high on the violence scale thus impairing the young minds with negative thoughts. The parent may themselves play the game first before allowing the child to do so.


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There are tons of free Dragon games available on the net. You can find them through search engines and related sites. Click here to find about Monster games and related sites.

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