Dragonology Tracking and Taming Dragons Volume 1: A Deluxe Book and Model Set: European Dragon (Ologies)

Here is the essential reference for all budding dragonologists – the ultimate companion to the 1-million-copy, #1 national bestseller DRAGONOLOGY!
Inside this deluxe guidebook and model package, readers will find the complete TRACKING AND TAMING DRAGONS, in which preeminent dragonologist Dr. Ernest Drake shares all you need to know to set out on the trail of dragons in the field. Plus, each pack features an easy-to-assemble, lifelike hanging model of the “Draco occidentalis magnus,” or European dragon, with a 23-inch wingspan and movable wings!

- Based on the best-selling DRAGONOLOGY
- Silver-foil-embellished cover
- Includes 24-page paperback book and easy-to-make model with gold-foil details
- The book and model are enclosed in a sturdy 10 x 1113/16 book-like case, making it the ultimate companion to DRAGONOLOGY!

Also includes an EXCLUSIVE preview of the next exciting Ology title, PIRATEOLOGY (July 2006):
- Each book will be wrapped with a full-color bellyband that proclaims: Coming July 2006, PIRATEOLOGY. Be the first to solve the riddle and find the treasure! Exclusive Preview and Secret Clue Inside!
- Each book will contain a mysterious envelope containing a letter, along with a fragment of a pirate map and secret code in order to begin the adventure that continues in PIRATEOLOGY!

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About Dragon Mystic

I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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3 Responses to Dragonology Tracking and Taming Dragons Volume 1: A Deluxe Book and Model Set: European Dragon (Ologies)

  1. EquesNiger says:

    Purchase for the Dragon model I originally bought this for my nephews, who have a fascination with dragons and such at the moment. It’s definitely a result of the Harry Potter phenomenon, but the similarity ends at its “magical” quality. Its intent is the opening of minds to the hidden worlds of the imagination, and a rekindling of young peoples’ interests in areas of mythology and classic literature. Supposedly the work of the last dragonmaster, the book aims to dispel the myths on dragons, recalling Hagrid’s comments that they are “very misunderstood creatures”. While Dragonology has lots of bells and whistles and moving parts, this is a simple guide to tracking and identifying dragons of various types, and the information within can also be found in either the first Dragonology text, or the Handbook. The Dragon model, used for identifying dragons in the wild, is quite a treat, however, and easily assembled, though I would expect it to be easier for 10+ year olds. The model itself is made from very thick, durable cardboard (almost like wood), and, for the price of less than $10, it’s a decent value. While the tracking guide is great for stimulating the imagination of children (of all ages, apparently), it’s a slightly more involved text than Dragonology (and on par with the Handbook, from which it was derived), and therefore also likely to appeal to children 10+.

  2. P. Carrel "Reginald Honeyharvester" says:

    All becomes clear It seems that someone has mistakenly entered the blurb related to the original Dragonology book, which obviously does have the tactile samples, dragon dust, etc. This is a completely new book, with a superb dragon model(mobile)that you can construct. Rumor has it, too, that this is the first in a series of different dragon models that they’re going to release. How cool is that!Reginald Honeyharvester – SADS : )

  3. K. Heumann says:

    A great addition to the dragonology line. I saw this book yesterday and had to buy it for my 7 yr old dragonologist. He was very excited to see it when he got home from school. He spent a lot of time reading the book and playing with the model last night. He certainly gives it 2 thumbs up.

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