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Puff, the Magic Dragon

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In 1963, the folk singing group Peter, Paul, and Mary made the 1959 poem, “Puff the Magic Dragon” into a famous pop song. It tells a sad tale of a young boy named Jackie Paper and his best friend, an ageless dragon named Puff.

They share many wonderful imaginary adventures together but when Jackie Paper grows up, he casts Puff aside. Puff, full of sadness, returns to his cave only to never emerge again.

While it’s true that all children grow up, when they’re still young, they love make-believe especially when it comes in the form of a plush toy. Dragon stuffed toys are a particular mythical creature that fascinate children to no end. They are a large scaly skinned reptile with enormous claws similar to a lion, a long tale like a serpent and can often fly.

While they may not be considered a snuggly type of plush, a dragon plush toy will provide a child with endless playtime throughout their day. And who knows, given plush toys become friends to whomever owns them, there will likely be a special hug or two for a dragon stuffed toy. Just watch out for that soft scaly plush skin!

Dragons have been depicted throughout history as a terrifying foe that breathes fire on anything that gets in its way. In early myths, dragons were often seen guarding treasure, holding back floods, and dispensing knowledge. Given its protective nature, it’s no surprise to find dragons in stories where that is their sole purpose. In Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, the sleeping princess Aurora lays high in a tower that is guarded by Maleficent, an evil fairy that turns herself into a fire-breathing dragon. She does so to barricade the castle and prevent Prince Charming from waking Aurora up and rescuing her. While children find Maleficent’s black and purple dragon frightening, it’s likely that they will also use their dragon stuffed toy as a protector of some kind when playing.

A dragon stuffed toy has endless imaginative possibilities for a child; whether they decide to use them for an adventure in Africa to help guard buried treasure, or as a hero that comes to their best friends rescue, a dragon plush toy will only heighten a child’s ability to dream, create, and improvise. What could be better than that?

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