DRAGON QUEST V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides)

Can One Family Change the Fate of the World?

A storm threatens the earthly realm. Deep in the heart of Nadiria, a demon is building an empire. The Zenith Dragon is tasked to protect the realm, but it is nowhere to be found. Who remains to defend the good people of this world? A boy and his father are prepared to fight for their people and their safety.


Every Side Quest Covered!: Get all the details on the Casino, Bruise the Ooze, T ‘n’ T Boards, mini medals, and other side quests!


Comprehensive Bestiary: Learn about each monster’s statistical makeup, item drops, and where to find them.


Walkthrough & Area Maps: Game-tested strategies and tips to guide the player through every area in the game. Area maps pinpoint item locations with ease. Plus, defeat every boss with proven tactics.


Bonus Dungeon Coverage!: Plunder Estark’s Labyrinth of all its impressive treasure!


Characters: Discover each character’s abilities, stats, and usable equipment.


Recruitable Monsters: Learn the ins-and-outs of what it takes to recruit specific monsters into your caravan. Complete each individual ability lists, this section has it all!



Platform: Nintendo DS

Genre: Role-Playing Game

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About Dragon Mystic

I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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3 Responses to DRAGON QUEST V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride Official Strategy Guide (Bradygames Strategy Guides)

  1. S. Rhodes says:

    The BEST Dragon Quest V Resource. Period. Bradygames has always had a shaky reputation. When they make bad guys, boy are they bad. But when they make good guides, they’re so useful and helpful that you don’t need anything else. This is that category the Dragon Quest V guide falls into. It’s an immensely helpful tool that covers every nook and cranny of Dragon Quest V. At nearly 300 pages this guide can give anyone Encyclopedic knowledge of the game.The guide starts with a quick prologue to introduce you to the story. It then jumps quickly into the characters section. This is where we first get the feeling that we’re dealing with a guide that has more than just random tips. It will tell you about each character first, and also give you an abilities list. Every character also has a stat chart that shows you there growth from level 1 to 99 on a graph. Every stat is represented. And to make matters even better, there is a long detailed discussion about how to use the character effectively in combat. It also list all the weapons armor, helmets and accessories that the character can equip.After this we get into the Game Basics section, which is entitled “Becoming a Champion.” Generally these types of sections rehash most of what is in the instruction manual. Indeed this guide does just that. It’s useful if you’re new or if you bought the game used and it didn’t have an instruction manual. However, there is still a lot of detail here. Going from the basic of basics, to a few more advanced tips. This section also talks a lot about the abilities and how they work. The last portion of the basics section is reserved for talking about combat. Here, you get a lot of advanced tips. Including how best to take actions in battle, and even a snippet on gaining levels.After this, we get into the section just before the walkthrough where the guide gives you world maps. First an overall world map and then a map for each region on the following pages. It’ll also give you the stats of each monster in that area.After sixty pages of introductory details and tips for the basics of the game, we finally get to the walkthrough. Each area begins by showing you the maps for the area, and pointing out any items you might find on those maps. There is also a world map on each page to show you just where it is you are. After this, it list all the objectives in order, noting optional ones that you can do. And then there’s an items list which tells you where every item is in the area.The walkthrough itself can be a little wordy at times, though. It’s a very detailed walkthrough that takes you through everything, but it does at times meander and go on and on. At times the walkthrough reads like a story. This might please some, but just the same, you wish the walkthrough would get to the point instead of taking time to explain what it is the player already knows and might be witnessing. That’s not to say the guide is packed full of story spoilers (though Dragon Quest V isn’t known for having a fantastic story), it most certainly is not. There are also tips called out as you go through. At the very least, we can definitely say the walkthrough is very well organized. The maps are incredibly useful, and some of the tips outlined through the walkthrough are very helpful (including hot spots to level up). Finally, each area has a recommend level to give you, which for a Dragon Quest game is VERY useful given the amount of level grinding you must do.There are also boss strategies scattered throughout and they are really good strategies, and really helpful. Far better than what Bradygames usually does with their strategy guides. Many screenshots are big and detailed. They’re clear and not too fuzzy.After the exhaustive and very helpful walkthrough, the guide goes into sidequests and mini-games. Many of these are called out in the walkthrough but it recounts much of it here. The Casinos, T ‘N’ T board, and several other things are covered in a ton of detail. There is also all the descriptions of mini-medals. Put simply you might begin to suffer from information overload.After all this we get into all the appendices. For weapons, armor, accessories, items etc. Each of the equipment shows you a chart to show you who can and can’t equip everything. Then there’s the bestiary which shows you all the details of every monster. It isn’t alphabetical order, rather it’s numerical. However, they’re all called out in the walkthrough… along with their number. So it’s easy to find them in the bestiary nevertheless. The bosses, on the other hand, have their own section in the bestiary so you don’t have to go sifting through (but all their stats are called in the walkthrough as well).As you no doubt know, there are plenty of monsters you can catch and put in your party in Dragon Quest V. One of the best sections in the entire guide is dedicated to…

  2. C. Moon says:

    Big improvement over the DQ4 guide This is a much expanded take on the same formula used for the DQ4 guide. At nearly 300 pages, this one is a hundred pages longer than the DQ4 guide, and with good justification! There is a lot more investment in the monster info section, including an entire run-down of every recruitable monster, their stat growth, skills, charts for what weapons and armor they can use, even recommended strategies with each monster type! There is at last a full world map that is then broken into enlarged maps or particular regions (much like an atlas.) I’m not sure how this was omitted in the DQ4 guide, but Bradygames figured it out here and did a very nice job with it.Coverage in all other areas is superb–maps of dungeons, explanations of skills/spells/character growth, etc. Everything that was done right in the DQ4 guide is still here, but with some major additions and some weaknesses of the former resolved.DQ5 isn’t the sort of game that requires a strategy guide, but the book is so high quality that it will undoubtedly make your experience much more enjoyable.

  3. AlexJouJou says:

    Another outstanding guide After the Dragon Quest IV guide which was very good I expected this one to be excellent and it did not disappoint. I had no problems using it and I always appreciate the tips it provides. I buy guides mostly for the reference sections and this one is outstanding–very fully fleshed out and well done.If you like to play with a guide or just want something on the shelf in case you get a little lost or have some questions you can’t beat this. I love to actually have these vs. going to an online walkthrough. Although the latter are fine when it is a game I know I will love I usually invest in the guide. Plus the art of Dragon Quest is one of its main draws for me and to enjoy more of it with pictures – well that is a treasure.Highly recommended!

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