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Just about every animal and insect you can think of, is now replicated in soft, miniature form. Even animals like dragon plush, which are more mythical than they are ‘real.’ Despite some fine details and scale being omitted in the quest to make the desired image, many creators of dragon plush have done a fine job in getting it just right.

Dragons are winged and scaly serpents that have a crested head and enormous claws. They are usually represented as having wings and able to breathe fire. It is the serpent dragon that is believed to be the one that was the ‘first’ of the dragon ‘species’ which went on to motivate all others that came later in legends, stories, and myths. Serpent dragons are very large and have no wings or limbs. In addition, they are very much like snakes and live in bodies of water like the ocean. Their most notable quality was having more than one head, such as the hydra.

The most ‘well known of all the dragon ‘species’ is the Western Dragon; it had four legs, breathed fire, and wings. Western dragons were considered to be the ones that loved gold and were most greedy. In contrast, the Asian dragon, known as the Eastern Dragon, usually had four legs and no wings even though they were still able to fly. They were also able to turn themselves into something else so as to be able to help humans.

In the world of dragons, Chinese dragons are quite famous. Their bodies are snake-like and they have a bearded face. To reach maturity, it takes this dragon close to 3,000 years. 15,000 years is needed for it to become full grown, 500 more years are needed for it to grow horns (from which they can hear) and if they are to have wings, they need another 1,000 years to grow them. Chinese dragons are made up of four ‘species:’ the celestial dragon, the spiritual dragon, the ti-lung dragon, and the treasure dragon.

Yet another ‘species’ of dragon is the Vietnamese dragon known for its camel head, deer horns, fish eyes, buffalo ears, and snake and neck body. In addition, it also had carp scales, eagle claws, and tiger feet. It was able to live in the water, underground, or in the sky and was not only immortal but was unable to reproduce other dragons. In Vietnam, the dragon is a symbol of both power and nobility and on the official dress of the emperor, a five-clawed dragon could be found.

Like with dolls, it’s usually the facial features that are the key attraction to soft toys, closely followed by the feel of its ‘fur’ or skin and then the stuffing. With a plush dragon, however, it’s not the face that is the initial attraction especially since many of them have so many other things going on brightly colored bodies, wings, long tails, and clawed feet. With a plush dragon, its overall appeal is what attracts us most to these creatures of legend.

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Angeline Hope is a collector of extra large stuffed animals. You can view a selection of extra large stuffed animals including plush dragon stuffed animals at MyBigPlush.

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I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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