Dragon Nursery Theme: How To Paint A Dragon Mural

Dragons are awesome and if you like them, chances are your baby will love them, too! So why not create the perfect dragon nursery theme with a painted dragon mural? It’s actually very simple to do.

Step One: Choose the Picture

A dragon nursery needs the perfect dragon. Look online, through picture books, or at posters until you find the perfect dragon for your purposes. Remember that this is for a baby’s room, so make sure it’s not too scary. Also, it’s easier to paint simpler shapes.

Step Two: Trace It

Use tracing paper to trace the basic shape and the main details of your dragon. The more lines you use, the more difficult it will be to paint it on the wall, so try to keep it fairly simple.


Step Three: Project and Trace

You’ll need a projector for this. Place the tracing paper image on the projector and beam it up onto the wall. You’ll need to turn out the light for this. Move the projector forward for a smaller image, further back for a larger one. When you have it in just the right position, use a pencil to trace the dragon onto the nursery wall.

Step Four: Paint the Dragon

Now you can turn the lights back on and start painting your dragon. Use the picture for reference, if needed. You may find it easier to do a simple outline before filling it in.

Step Five: Add Details

Now you can add the eyes, clouds around the dragon and scales if you like. Once the paint is dry, go back over it to add the details. These can include highlights and shadows or other details to make the mural look better.

A dragon nursery is a great, unique theme that will grow with your child . . . who doesn’t like dragons. Now that you have the beautiful mural done, you just need to finish the rest of the details around the room!
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