Dragon Incense Burner Set Asian Guardian Trinket Box

A fierce dragon winds its scaly coils around a burnished-bronze box, forming a stunning sculpture that hides a treasure within. Lift the lid to discover a stash of dragon blood scented incense! Includes fifteen “Dragon’s Blood” incense sticks. Polyresin. 11″ x 4″ x 4″ high.

Product Features

  • Dragon entwined around box
  • Holds incense inside box
  • Comes with 15 sticks of Dragons Blood Incense
  • Oriental style dragon on lid

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About Dragon Mystic

I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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2 Responses to Dragon Incense Burner Set Asian Guardian Trinket Box

  1. Rod says:

    Not as great as I hoped Everywhere I saw this item it was 20+ dollars. It was only 10 here on amazon, So I got it. There are a few problems with it… the first the storage is the same place you burn the sticks, so you have to remove them every time you burn an incense. The next problem is you cant leave the lid on when the stick is burning, even though there are holes to let the smoke out and it would look really cool to have smoke coming out of the mouth. there just isn’t enough holes to let air in so the incense goes out. Ive tried several different brands and types, it just don’t work. it is very cool looking and fairly heavy though, and it burns fine with the lid off. All in All worth 10.00 however I would not pay a penny more!

  2. Brian Ames "Darrell Ames" says:

    2 1/2 stars the product itself is heavy and seems sturdy enough. it’s well painted and detailed. but the hole is too big for the incense to stay in. and my product came with one of the horns broken off, not even painted, and stuffed inside the incense burner. the company was fair though and gave me a quick refund. if you have anything to place inside of the product to hold up the incense sticks this works rather well. just wish it wouldn’t of been broken, since i purchased this as a gift. but still not a terrible product not that great ether.

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