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Dragons have fascinated people for many years and the stories have been elaborated over time to create a mystical creature that could not possibly be real. There are many stories, books and movies created around their existence. You will even find dragon cartoons such as the dragon tales series or lest we forget the film Pet’s Dragon that Disney brought to us so many years ago. There are many characterizations of dragon cartoons in our world today but where did the idea for these creatures come from? Was there truly a mystical creature at one time that possessed magical powers and abilities? Was it simply a large lizard, serpent or fish?

Have you ever played the whisper game of sitting in a circle of friends and then passing a phrase from one end of a circle to another to see how different it comes out at the end? Or perhaps you have played the progressive pictionary party game and laughed at the different results of sentences and pictures that comes as a result of a simple sentence at the start of the game. This is a simple indication of how a story can change when passed from one person to another. Now add to this approach hundreds or even thousands of years and think of what we have come to believe as a dragon. Is it possible that this description has changed over so many years of retelling?

Of course it is a great possibility and in fact it is a very good likelihood for such a thing. There are too many legitimate resources that indicate a “dragon” as a real creature. What we need to do perhaps is simply adjust our current beliefs and perceptions and accept that there was once such a creature and indeed may still be such creatures on the earth today. Every attribute of a dragon can be found somewhere in the world today. There are both snakes and lizards that fly. There are fish that bare a striking resemblance to the Chinese dragons. There are fairly recent discoveries indicating that many lizards are venomous. Is it such a stretch to think that perhaps these monsters of the past are real creatures that
were feared and misunderstood by the general population of ancient civilizations?

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