Charlie Chan 3-Film Collection

These three classic Charlie Chan mysteries made by famed B-movie titans Monogram pictures gives us two different Charlies in the persons of Sidney Toler (The Red Dragon) and Roland Winters (The Feathered Serpent, The Sky Dragon), but both styles of supersleuth must tackle truly draconian mysteries and murder. The Red Dragon finds Charlie (Toler) and Number Three Son Tommy (Benson Fong) cracking codes and uncovering killers down in Mexico City. The Feathered Serpent sees Charlie (Winters), Number One Son Lee (Keye Luke), and Tommy Chan (Victor Sen Yung) once again in Mexico on a deadly expedition for Aztec gold. The Sky Dragonpresents Charlie and Lee with an inflight locked-cabin murder mystery high above the clouds on board a commercial airliner.

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I fell in love with dragons when I read Tea With the Black Dragon, and never looked back. Not the clunky winged Medieval dragons that ate cows, the graceful Asian dragons that could fly without wings. Later I discovered the elegant Welsh dragons, red and white, as described by R.J. Stewart in his books on the historical Merlin.
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  1. John Fowler the Obsessive Compulsive Reviewer says:

    INDEX TO CHARLIE CHAN FILMS ON DVD PHOTO 1 = E.L. Park in “Behind that Curtain” (1929)PHOTO 2 = Warner Oland (1931-1937)PHOTO 3 = Manuel Arbó in “Eran trece” (1931)PHOTO 4 = Sidney Toler (1938-1946)PHOTO 5 = Roland Winters (1947-1949), with Keye Luke (right) and Victor Sen Yung as sons Lee and Tommy in “The Feathered Serpent” (the only time they appeared together)PHOTO 6 = Xu Xinyan in “Charlie Chan Smashes an Evil Plot” (1941 China)PHOTO 7 = George Kuwa (silent film Charlie Chan, 1926)PHOTO 8 = Sôjin Kamiyama (silent film Charlie Chan, 1927)1929 = E.L. PARK (one film)1931-1937 = WARNER OLAND (16 films – 4 lost films + 3 “found” films)1938-1946 = SIDNEY TOLER (22 films)1947-1949 = ROLAND WINTERS (6 films)Fox issued the Park, Oland, and first eleven Toler films in five volumes.Deluxe treatment, with subtitles, documentaries and even some commentaries.- designated VOLUMES 1-5 in the checklistMonogram (now owned by Warner) picked up the series and made 17 films with Sidney Toler and Roland Winters between 1942 and 1949.Released in four collections (the first three have subtitles)- CHANTHOLOGY- TCM SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION- CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION- THREE FILM COLLECTION (no subtitles) REVIEWED ON THIS PAGEFor Amazon links to all nine boxes, see the end of this reviewE.L. PARK (photo 1)1929 – Behind That Curtain – VOLUME 3Korean-American actor E.L. Park was the first to play Charlie Chan in the talkies: He only appears in the last twelve minutes of the filmWARNER OLAND (photo 2)1931 – Charlie Chan Carries On – LOST FILM RESURRECTED* (VOLUME 1)1931 – The Black Camel – VOLUME 3 – with commentary1932 – Charlie Chan’s Chance – LOST FILM RESURRECTED* (VOLUME 3)1933 – Charlie Chan’s Greatest Case – LOST FILM *1934 – Charlie Chan’s Courage – LOST FILM RESURRECTED* (VOLUME 5)1935 – Charlie Chan in London – VOLUME 11935 – Charlie Chan in Paris – VOLUME 1 (debut of Number One Son)1935 – Charlie Chan in Egypt – VOLUME 11935 – Charlie Chan in Shanghai – VOLUME 11936 – Charlie Chan’s Secret – VOLUME 3 – with commentary1936 – Charlie Chan at the Circus – VOLUME 21936 – Charlie Chan at the Race Track – VOLUME 21936 – Charlie Chan at the Opera – VOLUME 21937 – Charlie Chan at the Olympics – VOLUME 21937 – Charlie Chan on Broadway – VOLUME 31937 – Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo – VOLUME 3SIDNEY TOLER (photo 4)1938 – Charlie Chan in Honolulu – VOLUME 41939 – Charlie Chan in Reno – VOLUME 41939 – Charlie Chan at Treasure Island – VOLUME 4 – with commentary1939 – City in Darkness – VOLUME 41940 – Charlie Chan in Panama – VOLUME 51940 – Charlie Chan’s Murder Cruise – VOLUME 51940 – Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum – VOLUME 51940 – Murder Over New York – VOLUME 51941 – Dead Men Tell – VOLUME 51941 – Charlie Chan in Rio – VOLUME 51942 – Castle in the Desert – VOLUME 51944 – Charlie Chan in the Secret Service – CHANTHOLOGY (debut of Birmingham Brown)1944 – Charlie Chan in the Chinese Cat – CHANTHOLOGY1944 – Black Magic (Meeting at Midnight) – CHANTHOLOGY1945 – The Jade Mask – CHANTHOLOGY1945 – The Scarlet Clue – CHANTHOLOGY1945 – The Shanghai Cobra – CHANTHOLOGY1945 – The Red Dragon – 3 FILM COLLECTION1946 – Dark Alibi – TCM SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION1946 – Shadows Over Chinatown – CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION1946 – Dangerous Money – TCM SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION1946 – The Trap – TCM SPOTLIGHT COLLECTIONROLAND WINTERS (photo 5)1947 – The Chinese Ring – TCM SPOTLIGHT COLLECTION1948 – Docks of New Orleans – CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION1948 – Shanghai Chest – CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION1948 – The Golden Eye – CHARLIE CHAN COLLECTION1948 – The Feathered Serpent – 3 FILM COLLECTION1949 – The Sky Dragon – 3 FILM COLLECTION* THE LOST WARNER OLAND FILMS:Apparently all prints and negatives of four films were destroyed in a warehouse fire in 1937.Through some fancy footwork, Warner Video has been able to bring three of them back to life:— “Charlie Chan Carries On” (1931)Simultaneously with this lost film, a Spanish-language version was filmed using the same sets and costumes:”Eran trece” (“There Were Thirteen”) starring MANUEL ARBO (photo 3) as Charlie Chan.It’s in VOLUME 1 with English subtitles (coupled with “Charlie Chan in Shanghai”)— “Charlie Chan’s Chance” (1932) and “Charlie Chan’s Courage” (1934)Warner Video cleverly reproduced these lost films using voice actors, the original screenplay, still photos and music. Sort of like a one hour radio show with illustrations:…

  2. jrc says:

    Last of the Monogram Chans to hit DVD

  3. D.E. Novak says:

    Great films; one minor flaw.

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