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Yellow banner depicting a blue dragon.

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There are many different depictions in the different dragon pics available today. Most will give a version of dragons that resembles the style generally attributed to the European nations. These dragon pictures often show a creature similar to a large lizard with wings.

The body is large and usually covered in scales. The tail is long and comes to a point often with a pointed tip sometimes depicted as though it were a spear tip.

This is the symbol of many coats of arms in European nations. The other option is similar in many features but has only two hind legs rather than four legs. This style of dragon is typically referred to as a Wyvern.

Other dragon pics may resemble a large serpent with no wings and sometimes with legs. It is interesting to note that the Chinese dragon bears some striking resemblances to the oarfish of the deep seas.

If you put a picture of a Chinese dragon beside an image of an oarfish you will see several similarities including the whisker like tendrils that protrude from the face and head of each, the long dorsal fin that starts at the head of the animal and continues down it’s back. While these similarities are present, often times the other features of such dragon pictures do not appear to show the oarfish at all but rather a creature who appears to have an almost wolf like head.

The head of most dragons appears to be some sort of a cross between a wolf and a lizard. While many lizards do not appear to have such a ferocious look to them as the dragon pics you see, there are many that do appear to be the young of such creatures as dragons of folklore. Take for example the head of the sailfin dragon from the Philippines or the armadillo lizard and it is not hard to see these animals as large and scary if they were given a couple hundred years to grow.

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