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Cartoon dragons may appear in many different styles and shapes depicting creatures that range everywhere from funny to ferocious. You can find just about any variation you might be looking for when researching for cartoon dragons.

You will also find many teaching how to draw cartoon dragons if you are an artist and have this desire. Many of these cartoon dragon images are similar to the European dragons in that they resemble more of a lizard type creature and often are presented with wings.

The idea of dragons has been around for centuries and indeed dragons themselves have been said to have had long life. When that thought is put together with the idea of the real existence of dragons possibly simply being a large serpent or lizard that has been allowed to grow it opens all kinds of possibilities for the creatures.

It is interesting as you research the history of dragons how it seems very plausible that there truly was such a creature and what is perhaps even more fascinating is that there may still be the same creatures alive today.

As you will see with many of the pictures of cartoon dragons you find, dragons are often depicted as a lizard like creature and often with wings in modern day though this is not consistent with the earliest stories of the creatures. What I find interesting however is the oldest stories of such creatures indicate something that often is not so magical or different from the creatures we have in modern times.

European dragons for example were said to be a creature who’s lair was either in the ground or in a cave much like today’s lizards. So as you seek your cartoon dragons think about the possibilities of such creatures actually existing in real life right here in your own world.

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