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Entering the Year of the Water Dragon

Chinese New Year (on January 23, 2012) has ushered in the Year of the Dragon. It will last till February 9, 2013 on the Western calendar. In Asian culture, Dragon years are highly auspicious. Children born in dragon years are … Continue reading

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Fire Dragons

When most of think of dragons, we tend to imagine them as huge creatures that breath fire. That is the image and concept that most people have of dragons. There is a great deal of symbolism in the fire dragon, … Continue reading

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Dragon Fire Damage in Austin, Texas?

I’m not sure what’s up in Austin, Texas, but apparently there’s a tremendous demand for companies to fix residential fire damage caused by dragons. A company there even contacted me to let you know about it. Why Austin in particular, … Continue reading

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The Dragon and His Grandmother, Part 1

Here is a story from the Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang. It was written over 100 years ago and is now in the public domain. What I wonder is where Andrew Lang found this story. It has the flavor … Continue reading

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