Chinese Zodiac Dragon by Element

Teri Hatcher

Wood Dragon
Wood Dragons are very creative personalities who are frank and question everything but are very broad-minded. Their creativity makes to think of fresh and unique ideas, and at the same time they are also very open to listening to the group.

Wood Dragons appreciate art. They are also great with people. Wood Dragons have to ability to be overwhelming at times.

Popular Wood Dragon Personalities: Russell Crowe, Teri Hatcher

Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon personalities are a force to reckon with. They have a boundless energy

and are very quick. They have a commanding influence on other people. Fire Dragons also have a certain sense of self-esteem and are very intense people. Majority of the Fire Dragons are active healthy well-balanced individuals.

Popular Fire Dragon Personalities: Reese Witherspoon, Keri Russell, Ali Larter, Orlando Bloom

Earth Dragon
Earth Dragons are very good organizers, friendly and can be excellent at supervisory roles. They are hard workers who are consistent and grounded individuals who are very supportive of the people who work for them.

They take their responsibilities very seriously and well-deserve the respect that they get from others.

Famous Earth Dragon Personalities: Nikki Blonsky, Summer Bishil

Metal Dragon
Metal Dragons always state the facts and are very brave. Due to this quality they are a good ally to have in times of need. They make excellent leaders and are strong fighters. Metal Dragons are very forceful personalities who have great respect for the people who can stand up to their determination.

Water Dragon
Water Dragons are calmer than the other Dragons. They are very observant of other people and always take the time to analyze a situation before coming to a decision. They are also much more patient than the other Dragons and can relate with the people around them. They are smart decision makers who take the time and do the research before they go with an idea. owns and operates one of the top quality astrology horoscope web sites on the internet today. Their main concentration is on originality, reliability and sincerity. Their core is to make sure that anyone looking for a true vedic consultation will be able to find a dependable service that will answer to the point and keep it simple. Their many customers trust in their advice and accurate recommendations. Visit their website at
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