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china ceramics - blue dragons

china ceramics – blue dragons (Photo credit: CĂ„sbr)

Majority of people are under the impression that Asian interior design involves just adding a few letters or symbols in Oriental either to wall or other decorative murals. But there is much involved with an Asian design than just adding language symbols. In deed the design itself shaped up with several years of trying and experhymenting.

They are different from other designs for the very reason that these designs grew through constant learning and adaptation from the culture and with some good tweaking they are now a part of contemporary designs. Thus it is not uncommon to see an Asian design fitting well into an American House. It is wrong to have a notion that Asian design is what we see in an authentic Chinese restaurant. Definitely it is not a replica of true Asiatic design.

An authentic interior design of Asiatic representation is very different from what we see in the insides of a Chinese restaurant and it is definitely not 100% experienced by the westerners although it is certainly an integral part of their day to day routine.

Scope Of Asian Interior Design

Scope of Asian designs is vital and it helps us understand critically of the even the smallest element of this design. For instance go inside a building designed along these Asian lines, you will be wondering at the way extra space has been generated by not really increasing the actual space. The design is so amazing that it gives one a feeling that the room sizes are bigger while in reality they are not.

In the western designs it is common to use mirrors and transport that ‘big effect’ but Asian designs use a different perspective named room forced perspective. There are various technological improvements available for a designer today and to give an enhanced size look to a room can be done effectively as well as easily and the design technique also can be justified if worked appropriately.

Asian Culture Doesn’t Mean Just Dragons

It should be understood that Asian culture is not just the incorporation of pictures of dragons, while it may have become famous because of dragons. Noteworthy is that dragons is one more way of bringing out Americanization. Dragon should be taken as a mural that has a story to tell us but not necessarily as a design itself. Dragons got a great deal of attention by the westerners that they interpret it to the design, but in fact real interior design of Asian region interior design weaves stories around bamboo scrolls and structures made out of bamboo and needless to say this survived many centuries and even now.

Asian design revolves around light and sees ways and means to allow the passage of maximum sunlight so there is no need to use artificial light. A home in Asia is usually set up with this idea before the advent of electric light and sees that sunlight is sufficient enough to lit up the house fully, although, one should admit that this idea is slowly getting modified in an Asian interior design as we see today. Here you will find various things like unique cat furniture that may not have been thought of before but gels well with the existing theme.

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